Redefining Luxury: the appendix of marketing

Originally published 13 September 2016 on LinkedIn.

And by appendix, I mean the useless internal organ of a human which we can easily live without and often becomes inflamed.

Aside from its overuse (a quick search of #redefiningluxury on Facebook results in posts about cars, houses, handbags, shopping centres, watches, kitchens, and bizarrely, Greyhound buses), the term ‘Redefining Luxury’ does not strike at the heart of why certain items are desired and sought after.  The phrase means nothing – perhaps those using it are also #reinventingthewheel. Its use to describe an aspirational product is lazy at best. For me it is only surpassed by ‘ultimate luxury’ and ‘money can’t buy’.

My ultimate luxury is a sleep-in until 11am on a Sunday only to woken by a perfect coffee, and toast and honey. I do not need a million count bed sheet or a bed once the property of a Mesopotamian princess. Clearly, the (below) average marketing and advertising for property developments, boats, cars, clothing, jewellery and shopping centres is lost on me.

Why can we not be brazen and honest about the reasons people seek out discretionary items? The real reasons. Such as the L’Oréal mantra ‘because you are worth it’. Or the keeping up with the Jones tactic? Or to make an ex-lover jealous? It would certainly make for much more interesting advertising.

On a more serious note, my colleague, Nicola Tyler, and I once discussed this at length and came to the decision the only true luxury left in life; the only item money truly can’t buy; the only element universally sought to maximise a lifestyle is TIME.

So instead of “Redefining the world of luxury private flight: XXXXX Jet (the name has been removed to protect the copywriter and marketing executive) combines the very best in talent, facilities and technology to deliver a revolutionary flight experience. Contact our 24/7 global concierge desk for a customised flight itinerary to meet your travel desires. We strive to deliver the ultimate in luxury travel. Truly personalised, private flight” they could consider the following.

“I must govern the clock, not be governed by it” Golda Meir

XXXXX Jet understands the pressures on your time. Our mission is to turn the onerous task of travel into time well spent. From the moment you contact our 24/7 global concierge desk to arriving at your destination, we will ensure you are in control of your schedule and getting the greatest return on the time you invest with us.


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