Crowded House and my grade four teacher are the secret to some of my success

Originally published on 6 September 2016 on LinkedIn.

I was at the gym this morning. Exercise does not come naturally to me, as an antipasto platter and wine does, but I recognise it makes me feel better, perform better on multiple levels, and clears my head so I try.

As I am pounding away on the treadmill with iPhone in ear congratulating myself on my motivation and vowing never to touch cake again, Crowded House’s classic You better be home soon came on. *

Instantly, I was transported back to my year four classroom and the calisthenics Ms Connors made us do. Each Tuesday and Thursday morning she would pop a tape into the portable boom box (yikes, welcome to the 80s) and take us through a series of light exercises. I can still remember the moves to Sir Elton John’s I’m still standing and finally, the stretches to Better be home soon.

To this day, on hearing those songs, I am motivated to exercise. Ms Connors was well ahead of her time.  Without her actions, it would have been even more harder for me to engage in physical exertion and now, my brand spanking new workout play list includes these two songs as well as others which inspire me to move.

More than the health benefits I get from workouts, I am a better person, a more efficient worker, a more stable mother/wife/sister/daughter when I exercise. So thank you to the Finn brothers, Sir Elton John and Ms Connors. All credit to you.

* Aside: For those who have yet to discover Crowded House (or the Crowdies to all Australians and New Zealanders call them) please treat yourself and watch this and indulge in the rest of their back catalogue.

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