Enough of work. Let’s play!

Each Friday I am reminded of the specific time in my career where I should have walked away from my desk and played on the floor

My colleague, Billy Sarno, and I were struggling with a new layout for an event and I casually remarked we should build it to scale in Lego.  Billy, being wise beyond his years yet still in touch with his inner child, is a Lego enthusiast and was keen as mustard.  However, we shook it off as a silly idea and continued with the very adult, very 2D drawing.

Fast forward a number of months and our final layout was constructed and there a few areas which could have been designed better and would have if we had built it in Lego.

But why do I think of this each Friday?

On Friday I receive the weekly report from my children’s school.  The email is signed off with ‘Play is the highest form of research’ Albert Einstein.  Although there is great debate as to what he actually said, I believe in the sentiment.

To facilitate learning and discovery, we acknowledge and encourage children to play only for it to be slowly stifled and eradicated through formal education and adulthood. By loosing play as adults we are loosing the ability to learn without consequences.  If a child places blocks on top of one another until they topple, there are no consequences but an opportunity to learn how to construct a tower which won’t fall.  There are few instances in adult life which allow for this.  It is a shame.

For me, I wish I had taken a day to play Lego with Billy and find the best solution.  Indeed I have embarked on a blog writing about random thoughts and ideas completely prepared to fail and fall at times.  I am deliberately placing no expectations on myself other than have some fun.  And I am told I am getting better at writing so perhaps my playtime is working.

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