It’s not you. It’s me.

I had a revelation the other day.  I have similar feelings for old jobs as I do for old boyfriends.

Some I miss.  Some I don’t.  Some I would love to see again, perhaps even for a couple of weeks, knowing it would never work out.  Some I casually stalk but secretly checking their news sections of their website to see if they are less or more successful without me.

The similarities don’t stop there either.

Some left me and some I left.  I remember every first day I had at those jobs. I remember every last day as well – even when I didn’t know it was my last day.  I recall why I loved some and detested others.  Each new job was a step up and away from the last.  There were certainly a couple of rebound jobs.

All of them started with the honeymoon period where they could do no wrong and I was smitten.  Inevitably the stresses of living together take their toll and my shiny new job becomes the subject at the weekly wine bar get together with the girls.  Am I being unrealistic in my expectations I ask.  And is the holy grail one job for life?

What comes next is a period of singledom where I was woe and alone without gainful employment.  Only then to get a new passion and lament the loss of quiet time to myself.  I am serial monogamist when it comes to jobs.

So if this holds true then is job hunting like speed dating?

I am so thankful I am in a committed job right now.



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