New Horizon

Home ownership should be a basic human right.

Yet, right now, it’s not.

What if we could change that? Together.

Welcome to a new affordable property development whose sole aim is to home diverse and engaging communities of people regardless of age, gender, background or circumstances.

A development that gives the individual and the group agency through home ownership.

This is your New Horizon.

How does it work?

It might seem a little too good to be true, however, New Horizon aims to first home owners and vulnerable women to own their own homes and develop a thriving community.


Toowoomba is a charming Southern Queensland regional metropolis known for its cool climate, manicured gardens and surrounding agricultural community.

Sitting high on the Darling Downs close to Brisbane, it is a growing regional centre with major employment in agriculture, healthcare and increasingly manufacturing.

The Site

Located close to the University of Southern Queensland’s Toowoomba campus, the site is a quiet, leafy area close to medical centres, dog parks, schools and shopping centres. Yet nothing is too far from anything in Toowoomba. It is the charm of country living.

The Houses

These stylish two storey, three-bedroom (with the option of a fourth) houses are designed for relaxed living and to blend into the lush greenery of Toowoomba. There is plenty of space for indoor and outdoor entertaining plus a downstairs study and reading nook.

Upstairs you will find large bedrooms including a full-width master suite with walk-in wardrobe and ensuite. The fourth bedroom could be a playroom, media room, another study or even a balcony.

Built using the latest in modular building technology, these houses are designed for great living encapsulating the best of Queensland living with room for an easily maintained garden of your own.

There are three options: Foundation, Family and Elite. Depending on your requirements, you can select a price point, standard of finish and optional extras.

Modular buildings are the latest advance in home construction. The majority of the construction happens offsite in a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. There are no time delays due to weather. The buildings are produced to the highest quality, time and time again, and delivered to the site ready to install. It is simple as assembling and moving in.

Pioneered in Europe, this style of construction reduces waste by 85% and embodied carbon by up to 40%. Better than that, the buildings are completely transportable so if you decide to move, you can literally take the building with you!

The Social Community of New Horizon

There are over 405,000 Australian women over 45 on the edge of homelessness. Many are divorced, widowed or fleeing violent relationships.

And most of them have jobs with stable incomes.

Yet they cannot save the deposit to buy their own home and find a safe, stable place to live.

One-fifth of New Horizon is dedicated to these women and offered to them in a rent-to-buy scheme. A portion of their weekly rent will contribute toward building equity in their property and after eight years, they will have amassed 20% ownership in the property to act as a deposit for their loan.

If you are in this situation and think New Horizon would be an ideal option for you, contact your preferred community housing service provider for a referral.

The Future

Every Australian, if they choose to, can purchase a home and feel the security of a stable, affordable roof over their head.

Easier said than done yet we choose to believe the current Australian housing market may be frightening but it represents a great opportunity.

It is only when the status quo does not meet our needs that we seek alternatives. Necessity is the mother of all inventions.

The combination of Rent-to-Buy and Modular Construction is well established in countries like England, Germany, Austria, Norway and Singapore.

Rent-to-Buy facilitates easy and achievable entry to the property market and modular construction offers a sustainable, controlled manner to keep houses affordable and liveable.

We hope that the Australian property market is transformed by New Horizon and this dynamic duo of Rent-to-Buy and Modular Construction allowing families and individuals to purchase a home regardless of their age, gender or background.


Modular Homes: sustainability in action

Modular construction is one of the lesser understood construction methods yet it returns huge benefits not just to the homeowner but to the planet. Modular homes have 45% less embodied carbon (carbon emitted throughout the construction of the building) than standard home buildings.

Socially equitable housing.

At its core, New Horizons provides a socially equitable approach to home ownership.

We believe no one should be left behind, and our community approach to home ownership ensures those who need it most come along for the ride.

New Horizons will be a thriving community built on family, diversity, and opportunity, not basic human rights.


Why Toowoomba?

Toowoomba is one of Queensland’s fastest-growing regional towns. With a population of over 160,000 there is plenty of social infrastructure (hospitals, schools, universities and public transport) and job opportunities.

As the major centre of the Darling Downs area, Toowoomba represents the best of country living.

How do I buy a house?

We are currently in development phase however you can register your interest by sending us an enquiry and then we will discuss the options with you.

What is Modular Housing?

Modular Housing is a type of construction where the house is designed and constructed (or manufactured) offsite in a factory then transported to the site 90% to 95% complete (all walls, cabinetry and bathrooms complete) for assembly.

The buildings sit on foundations (or small stumps) and the final work (usually connecting plumbing and electrics) are completed on site.

These houses are built to Australian housing standards and can be relocated easily.

How do I apply for the Rent-To-Buy Scheme?

The Rent-To-Buy portion of New Horizon is open to single women over 45 who are seeking a permanent, stable solution to their housing.

To register your interest, contact your preferred community housing service provider for a referral.

Will there be other locations in the future?


We hope to roll out this style of development throughout Queensland.

Simply complete our contact form to register your interest.

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